beach kit essentials

Some of these items may seem obvious, but when they come in handy you’ll be happy you were prepared. With warmer weather approaching, I like to keep this collection in a cute tote in the trunk of my car at all times. Living in Los Angeles, I never know when I might find my toes in the sand or splashing around an afternoon pool party. Consider the following a list of components that should make it into your emergency summer kit.

Swimsuit: A black bikini goes with everything. If you’re not already wearing it, you could forget it.

Sunnies: Fashion statement and peeper protection in one. Toss in a fun pair with a pop of color for a change.

Oversized Towel: Perfect to wrap yourself up if it gets a little chilly, or for having a little extra room to share ;)

Baby Wipes: You never know when these could come in handy. Go for the travel-sized 20 count so they take up minimal space.

SPF 30+: In addition to the sunscreen in your daily moisturizer, you should always wear a full SPF especially on the face and chest.

Lip Balm w/ SPF: Protect the pout!

Water Bottle: If leaving the beach bag in your car, it’s best to use a glass bottle that can withstand temperature and can be refilled at water fountains. Go green!

Big Floppy Hat: Not only does this protect your face, but it looks super cute and preserves your color-treated (or not) hair as well.

Cover-up: With an impromptu swimsuit opportunity,  you don’t want to roll in sporting a business suit or yoga attire. Who knows where you’ll be coming from!

Flip Flops: The same idea as the cover-up. No one wants to stroll onto the beach in stilettos.

Lip Stain: Choose a coral or pink tone that will quickly brighten up your look with staying power. With a stain you can swim, eat/drink, and reapply your lip balm throughout the day with sacrificing color.

Hair Tie: These little buggers always get lost, but definitely don’t look cute on your wrist. Tuck a few away in the smaller pocket of your bag or wrap them around your mini lotion bottles.

Snacks: I always keep these in my car in general. Dried fruit and mixed nuts are perfect. They stay fresh longer and hold over your appetite.

Travel-sized Body Lotion: Especially on the west coast, the climate tends to stay pretty dry. Baby wipes + lotion = refreshed!

Gallon-sized Zip Lock Bag: Ultimate lifesaver for wet items, as well as storing most of the above.

I hope this checklist helps you go from blah to fun in the sun at a moment’s notice. Have fun! xo

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