benefits of hydration


We’ve all heard it before: “Stay hydrated.” Up until just about a year ago, I took that statement for granted. I kept hearing all sorts of claims about drinking water for weight loss, complexion, energy, and overall better health. I decided to put it to the test. Not only did I only drink water with a meal or just before bed, but I also averaged at least two cups of coffee a day. No bueno. I knew I didn’t want to cut out my beloved coffee, so I had to figure out how much water was right for me, all factors considered. The whole 8×8 concept never seemed right to me. Everyone has a different weight, diet, routine, and so on. I asked around a bit, and one accepted calculation nowadays is to drink half your body weight in ounces. For instance, if you weigh 100lbs then you should drink at least 50 ounces per day, 200 lbs drinks 100 ounces per day, etc. My esthetician added in, “for every cup of coffee you consume, have an extra glass of water.” This goes for alcohol and other diuretics as well. I knew it wouldn’t be easy to drink 50+ ounces a day, so I resorted to what is now known as my sippy cup to help make the challenge much easier.

According to this article at, here are a few (essential!) reasons to stay hydrated…

Youthful Skin– “Water first hydrates all of your internal organs before reaching your skin, so you need to drink plenty of water each day to get results.” When you’re traveling (and at high altitudes especially) it’s easier to slip into a state of dehydration. Be sure to drink extra water on busy days like those. Allowing your skin to get dry and tight aids the formation of wrinkles. Consider water your natural Juvederm.

Digestion– It’s no secret that water and fiber help to keep your digestive tract flowing smoothly. Dehydration can cause your bowel movements to back up, and no one likes a cramping, bulging, and toxic tummy!

Energy– “Even slight dehydration can lower your energy levels, making you feel tired and possibly depressed.” Since our bodies are made up of about 60% water (and the brain about 70% water), it makes sense that even the slightest dehydration to can really throw us off. If I ever get a headache I chug down a bottle of water before reaching for an aspirin. Most of the time this is enough to cure the problem. I’ve also heard that if you find yourself craving snacks even though you just ate, you’re probably just in need of some water. Resist the urge to grab a painkiller or a cookie, and try the water first. You’ll see the difference in your waistline too. ;)

Every diet plan that I’ve ever come across instructs you to drink more water. This not only helps you to feel more full, but you now know that it keeps the body functioning properly. A hydrated body is the foundation to a fit & sound you.

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