review: camelbak groove filter bottle


About a year ago I made a promise to myself to keep hydrated. It sounds so simple, but for someone who drinks iced coffees all day, it’s not. The CamelBak Groove BPA-free water bottle (pictured above) is my lifesaver. It comes in both 20oz. and 25oz. options, with plenty of colors to choose from. The best part about it is the built-in carbon filter. It filters out chlorine, odors, and makes your water taste great. I bring this bottle everywhere and fill it up with always-available tap water. Now there’s absolutely no excuse for dehydration. The second best part: the flip-top bite valve. The rubber valve is replaceable, totally leak-proof, and folds down when not in use. You simply pop it up, bite down to open the “straw”, and voila! No need to tip the bottle. As you drink, the water is sucked up through the straw and then through the filter. I always drink faster with a straw so this feature is key. It also has a loop on the handle, perfect for carrying with a finger or clipping it to your bag. The bottle itself retails for $25 (for 20oz./600mL) at your local REI or online here, and the filters should be replaced every three months for about $5.

A few of my friends have purchased this water bottle with great reviews. Not only are they all in love, but they’re finding it super easy to drink their daily required amount.

Happy hydrating!

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