review: Physician’s Formula pH Matchmaker Lip Gloss

My adorable friend Sara was working an event for this new gloss, and was so sweet to give me the two shades to test them out. Here are the results.


top: light pink / bottom: pink

The claim: A gloss that goes on clear and gradually adjusts its color to your body’s pH, pairing perfectly with any skin tone.

I really enjoy using this gloss. It takes about 5 minutes to reach the full color adjustment, so definitely give it some time. They are more like stains and will last for hours. The “pink” shade is pretty bold, but lots of fun. During the day I like to let the color darken, then blot off the shine, and layer a lighter nude pink gloss over it (such as Nars Turkish Delight). This helps to tone it down while still keeping a pretty color. The “light pink” is great just as is for daytime wear. If you’re a consistency gal, you’ll be hooked. These glosses aren’t sticky at all, layer well, and feel great.

Awesome bonus: They’ve got a little mirror on the side of the tube and a click-on LED light in the cap. So convenient and perfect for evening touch ups!

Retail: About $10 at Ulta and local drugstores.

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2 thoughts on “review: Physician’s Formula pH Matchmaker Lip Gloss

  1. Both the above comments bear no relevance to this review what so ever, its as if they have been posted by someone working for Max Factor or something, whats even more weird are the dodgy looking links attached to each post, they seem even more random & bear even less relevance than the comments! Lol! Wouldn’t usually waste my time posting a pointless comment about other pointless comments but its that odd I felt compelled to! Thats my 2c anyway lol x

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