review: lash tinting


First, I have to apologize for the different lighting between the two photos. The first was taken in the changing room at the spa, and the second was taken back at my hotel in natural light. While in San Diego for work, I had a few hours off in the afternoon to lie out by the pool. I came across a spa menu that listed lash tinting for a reasonable price. Since I’ve been curious about it for a little while now, I figured I’d give it a go. Upon resting back onto the bed, the esthetician was very up front and informed me that I probably wouldn’t see much of a difference on my lashes because they were dark to begin with. I’ve always had dark lashes, but the very tips of them are blonde. I thought I could at least lengthen them the tiniest bit. She was super sweet and said it’s usually for people with blonde blonde lashes, but if I wanted to test it out she’d apply a blue-black color to help make them pop. The whole process only took about 15 minutes, during which my eyes just felt wet. It wasn’t until she cleaned off the dye and asked me to open that they starting burning. Nothing a few eye drops couldn’t fix. The bottom photo above was taken right after I returned to my room and gave my lashes a curl with my trusted Shu Uemura and nothing else. The claim is that it should last a few weeks, gradually fading out like a hair dye. What do you beauties think?

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One thought on “review: lash tinting

  1. Jake Sauvage on said:

    As an esthetician, I do a LOT of lash/brow tinting, and usually only for people with fair-medium hair. There are some clients with dark brows or lashes who just want them a bit darker, and realize it’s not going to make a huge difference to anyone else but them, but I LOVE the way a tint looks for the first few days after it’s done!

    Most tints SHOULD last 3-4 weeks depending on the aftercare.

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