tried & true: dry shampoo

I started experimenting with dry shampoos a few years back when I realized that washing my hair daily was really taking a toll on my color. Nowadays, being always on the go and constantly traveling for work, my need for a great dry shampoo has exponentially grown. I have tried so many DS products, and below are my absolute faves. Of course, there are some more expensive ones out there that work wonders, but these are just as good for a fraction of the price.


Suave Dry Shampoo: This one really takes the cake. It’s about $3 (!) at your local drugstore or Target. It does have that light dulling effect to it, so if you load it up into your roots the night before, you’re in the clear. As with everything: blending is key.

TRESemme Fresh Start Waterless Foam Shampoo: Although I find this product useful on my fine, straight hair, it’s really a great choice for beauties with thicker, curlier hair. Taking form as a foam, not an aerosol, you can really work it into your roots as you would a real shampoo. Directions say to work it in and towel-dry it out, but I like to take it a step further and blow-dry my roots to really amp up the volume and speed up the process. (About $6)

T3 Refresh: Ahh this is one brand that is worth the splurge. You can find T3’s dry shampoo at Sephora (and select salons) for about $25. What turned me on to this one was the variety in color tones. Most other brands can look powdery in darker hair, while the “Dark Tone” absorbs oil and looks product-free in my Level 4 locks. Rest assured, they’ve got blondes and auburn tones covered too. ;)

Baby Powder: This is one trick that will never get old. While better for the lighter hair tones, blend it well and it works just fine for all others. No need to be neat about it; simply dump a good amount into your palms, rub it together, flip your head over, and run your fingers through your roots, working it in throughout. I keep a mini bottle in my purse or travel bag at all times. (About $2)

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