champagne taste

champagne infusion bar

Champagne is one of my favorite things in the entire world. While we love to host little dinners and parties at our place, a deadly-but-delicious sangria is usually our featured drink. I’ve always had the idea for a champagne infusion bar, possibly to be enjoyed over a brunch. Well, since we decided to have a little Easter brunch at our place yesterday, I thought it was a great opportunity to try it out. As much as I love the fancy choices, I’m still a sucker for some amazing and inexpensive California bubbly. I prefer the sweeter varietals, so Barefoot’s Moscato Spumante Bubbly has my heart. If you’re going to mix in some sweet cordials, however, stick with a dry option such as Barefoot’s Brut Cuvee or Extra Dry. If you can find their Pinot Grigio Bubbly, you’re in the safe zone. You can mix lots of different juices and liqueurs, but this is what I chose:

alcoholic mix-ins

  • elderflower liqueur
  • creme de cassis
  • tawny port


  • fresh-squeezed oj (you can sub blood oranges for a beautiful red color)
  • pomegranate juice
  • peach nectar


  • strawberries
  • raspberries


  • cinnamon sticks (as cute & flavorful stirrers)
  • Angosturra bitters
  • sugar cubes
  • wild hibiscus flowers (in syrup, can be found at your local BevMo or online here) …oh you fancy, huh?
  • champagne glass charms (can be homemade easily like these or store-bought like these beloved ones from Target)

The miscellaneous items really help to fancy it up. Unfortunately, this week was super busy (hence the lack of posts…) and I ran out of time to grab them. :\

If you have a double-sided sink, fill one side with ice and chill the champagne bottles. If not, you could use cute buckets on the counter top and place a decorative kitchen towel underneath to soak up the condensation. Pour the juices into individual glass bottles or decanters and chill ahead of time. Wash, slice, and place the fruit into little bowls with toothpicks or tongs. Put the cinnamon sticks, sugar cubes, and hibiscus flowers in jars or shallow glasses. Place the charms on the glasses and arrange alongside your edible presentation.

Your guests will have so much fun trying all the different yummy concoctions! Here are some classics:

Mimosa: champagne & oj (try a splash of pomegranate for a twist)
Bellini: champagne & peach nectar
Nelson’s Blood: 1oz. tawny port, fill with champagne (garnish with mint leaves if desired)
Kir Royale: place a few raspberries in the glass, add 1oz. of Creme de Cassis, fill with champagne
Classic Champagne Cocktail: soak the sugar cube in bitters and drop into the flute, top with bubbly, and garnish with an orange twist

champagne infusion bar


homemade custom labels

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  2. I absolutely LOVE this idea and I will, without a doubt, have to replicate it. :)

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